Welcome to the reason for the season.

Web fiction:

* means I like this story more than some others.

Black Dog, White RhinoSpork Press, April 2013. 
Nobody Tell Sandy She’s Dead
Snake Oil Cure, February 2013.
*Make Do
, Corium Magazine, February 2013. 
*You Were A Horse Yesterday
, Hobart, October 2012. 
*What People Without Jesus Do
, Monkeybicycle, April 2012. 
Forget About the Animals
, Necessary Fiction, March 2012. 
*My Cold and its Cure
, Wigleaf, August 2011.
*The Sting, PANK Magazine, August 2011.
Bad Day, 100 word gem, Snake Oil Cure, June 2011.
Look OutThumbnail Magazine, February 2011.
*The Significance of the Bear, Monkeybicycle, January 2011.
*Stillwater, Burnt Bridges Press, September 2010.

Molly gets interviewed:

Four Questions for Molly Laichokey-panky, June 2015. 
Contributor Spotlight
Midwestern Gothic, April 2013. 
Ask The Author
PANK Magazine, September, 2011.

Molly interviews the stars:

David GatesMissoula Independent, June 2015. 
J. Robert Lennon
, (remix) Missoula Independent, October 2012. 
Charles Antin
, Unstuck, August 2012. 
J. Robert Lennon
, Unstuck, August 2012. 
Matthew Derby
, Unstuck, August 2012. 
Leslie What
, Unstuck, August 2012. 
Aimee Bender
, Unstuck, August 2012. 
Casey Hannan
, Thumbnail Magazine, June 2012.

Fiction in print:

Kristen Doesn’t Like Surprise PartiesChoose Wisely: 35 Women Up To No Good, Spring 2015.
Get Well Soon
Midwestern Gothic, Spring 2013.
Make Do (Reject story! print only.) Carve, Spring 2013.  
The Neighbors
, Nano Fiction, May 2011.
Trevor and the Gun, The Meridian, May 2011.
No Hands, HOW Journal, Spring/Summer 2011.
The Leaf-Covered Forest, Flaneur Foundry, Issue I: Lonely Are the Brave, Spring/Summer 2009

Personal Essays/Features:

Mandatory Date Night, okey-panky, May 2015.
Gimme ShelterMissoula Independent, August 2012.
Lost Caws, Missoula Independent, August, 2012.
Another Inconvenient Truth, Missoula Independent, April, 2012.
Abracadabra, Missoula Independent, January, 2012.
Where The Boys AreSpecter Magazine, September 2011.
Game ReportMissoula Independent, September 2011.
Forgetting Mary JaneMissoula Independent, September 2011.

Film Reviews:

Hey, I’m tired of updating this. I usually write a review for the independent 1-3 times a month, you can find them here. 

The IcemanMissoula Independent, May 2013. 
Star Trek: Darkness Falls
Missoula Independent, May 2013. 
The Company You Keep
Missoula Independent, May 2013.
The Place Beyond the PinesMissoula Independent, April 2013. 
On the Road
Missoula Independent, April 2013.
StokerMissoula Independent, April 2013. 
5 films for Easter
Missoula Independent, March 2013. 
Oscar Predictions
Missoula Independent, February 2013. 
Movie 43
, Missoula Independent, January 2o13. 
Silver Linings Playbook
, Missoula Independent, January 2013.
The Guilt Trip
, Real Detroit, December 2012. 
Life of Pi
, Missoula Independent, November 2012. 
The Sessions
, Missoula Independent, November 2012. 
, Missoula Independent, November 2012.
Cloud Atlas, Missoula Independent, October 2012.
The House At the End of the Street
, Missoula Independent, September 2012. 
The Intouchables
, Missoula Independent, August 2012. 
Your Sister’s Sister
, Missoula Independent, August 2012. 
Total Recall (2012)
, Missoula Independent, August 2012. 
To Rome With Love
, Missoula Independent, June 2012.
Moonrise Kingdom, Missoula Independent, June 2012.
, Missoula Independent, June 2012. 
Damsels in Distress
, Missoula Independent, May 2012. 
Dark Shadows
, Missoula Independent, May 2012. 
The Raven
, Real Detroit. May 2012.
The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Real Detroit. May 2012. 
Titanic in 3D
, Missoula Independent, April 2012. 
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
, Real Detroit, April 2012. 
In Darkness
, Real Detroit, March 2012. 
Project X
, Missoula Independent, March 2012. 
, Missoula Independent, February 2012. (with placenta joke.)
, Real Detroit, February 2012. (without placenta joke.) 
Act of Valor
, Real Detroit, February 2012. 
Big Miracle
Missoula Independent, February 2012.
Big MiracleReal Detroit, February, 2012. (they’re different!) 
What’s Your Number?
Missoula Independent, October, 2011. 
MoneyballMissoula Independent, September 2011. 
Another EarthMissoula Independent, September, 2011. 
Conan the BarbarianMissoula Independent, August 2011.

News Articles about farm animals:

In Stevensville, some lucky cows live to see old age, Missoula Independent, May 2012.


The Clumsy Lovers, Missoula Independent, October 2012. 
Interview with Slug of Atmosphere
, Missoula Independent, September 2012. 
Mythbusting at the ICP Show
Missoula Independent, October, 2011.
Paul Baribeau Album Review, Missoula Independent, October, 2011.

Book Reviews:

Shapes the Sunlight Takes, by Josh Wagner, Missoula Independent, January 2015.
Transatlantic Lives
, by Jesse Bier, Missoula Independent, January 2013. 
She Matters
, by Susanna Sonnenberg, Missoula Independent, January 2013. 
Two Books that defined my 2012
, Missoula Independent, December 2012. 
The River Swimmer
, by Jim Harrison, Missoula Independent, November 2012. 
The Bird Saviors
, by William J. Cobb, Missoula Independent, September 2012.  
The Greatest Show,
by Michael Downs Missoula Independent, June 2o12. 
Smashing Laptops,
by Josh Wagner Missoula Independent, November, 2011.
The Great Leader, by Jim Harrison Missoula Independent, November, 2011.

MFA Thesis:

You can read my masters thesis in its entirety here, although I don’t know why you would want to. It’s a short story collection called The Worst. Let me know if you’re a small or large press who wants to publish it. I should look into this myself, but what can I say? You get busy.


Here I am reading Ted Wilson’s Jail Haikus on Missoula Public Radio. Likeyoudo.


Story Tapes: in which Casey Hannan reads my story “The Neighbors” and I read his story “Headless.”

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  1. Molly, I just read ‘Stillwater’. It was beautiful and crushing. I look forward to reading the rest of your works; thanks for sharing your brain with the rest of us. Peace, Molly

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