a cry for help.*

Chin said he didn’t want to get married after all and Mae jumped out a seven-story window, still wearing her wedding dress. One shoe fell down. They were those high heels that wrap around ankles. Weird, right? How did it slip off? This man reached forward, suddenly. She hung in his arms alive while someone took pictures. Ethical question: should you save women from dying against their wishes? Suicide is often rash, even regrettable. Gifts can be returned. Cake, eaten anyway. DJ’s already paid; why not dance? What do we take into our next life? Tough call, I think.

*Who knows if it’s a cry for help. I think she probably meant it. Her expression gives nothing away, which only adds to the horror. Like any sane person who’s seen it, this image affected me and I wanted to write a corresponding story. I read about this writing contest put on by an important magazine. The rules said to write a 30-300 word story where not a single word repeats. The contest has nothing to do with the picture. I mashed the two together, most obscenely, and anyway, I’m not entering this. That’s not the point. Without rules, this thing would have gone all over the place. The above piece is 99 non-repeating words, just like this bitch has 99 problems, but a loveless marriage aint one! LoLoLoL. I’m sorry.

5 thoughts on “a cry for help.*

  1. That photograph is haunting. She is showing no emotion (that I see) as if in her mind she has already died, which for her and this marriage, may be true to her. I hope this doesn’t leak into my dreams.

  2. sorry, but I hope it does.

    this picture leaked into my dreams before I even saw it. note the post just before it. this quarter we’re all about leaping things. I only just now noticed.

  3. I’m sorry that I’m laughing, but the line about her not having the problem of not being in a loveless marriage, CLASSIC! Now to go drown my guilt in something slightly less dramatic than this story ;)

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