Other Terrors Lurk!

There are places you don’t and can’t know about. People are trapped there and God has forgotten them. No one knows anything about them. If anything, the statues are made out of them. There are worlds where damned children eat cereal made of maggots – worlds where you might watch your hands turn into hooves. Beware also ordinary horrors. Blood in your saliva, a bus stop and swollen feet, dropping your children off at school or a loveless marriage: imagine it. Know that other terrors lurk. Know that a person can dig a hole down into their stomach and then crawl inside of it like an imploding star. I talk to you from there.

This is a fun little prose poem I’ve been writing in my journal that never seems to end. I don’t want to publish it here, but I have to. The uglier the update, the more urgent the need to archive. I’m not saying I wasn’t influenced by this David Lynch film.

Things are going well for me in the writing world, except for the writing part. I believe I have the lifestyle pretty well down. There’s the crippling loneliness, the medicating, the fasting and repenting. I feel a little sick. I want to love but don’t always know how. Yes. I think I’ve got a great portion of it figured out, and the rest? Well, how important is the writing really? They’re just words. Writing is okay but what I’d really love to do is love.

I compiled this winter reading list from friends and lovers in the English department at the university of Montana. Please be assured that notable writers in the community may well have recommended some of the items on this list. I tried to make a new page for it but wordpress confuses me. You will find the list in the “comments” section of this post.

What the Hell’s it doing out there, Christmas?

You might be surprised to learn that I hate Christmas, but I love my mother, and the point is that I’m headed to Detroit for a couple weeks. Last I heard from the D, they were shooting disaster films and carrying one another to heaven. Is it true that you can’t go home again? With any luck, I will talk to you from there.

3 thoughts on “Other Terrors Lurk!

  1. in order of appearance in my inbox… (none of the formatting copied over. It would be time consuming to fix it. only you can truly say when author names end and titles begin. you have the power and the glow.)


    Stuart Dybeck “We Didn’t”

    Mavis Gallant “When We Were Nearly Young”

    Steven Rinehart “Another Pyramid Scheme”
    Kick in the Head

    Andrea Barrett “Theories of Rain”
    Servants of the Map

    Alice Fulton “It’s Not Too Much To Ask”
    The Nightingales of Troy

    Joy Williams “Honored Guest”

    Alice Munro “A Wilderness Station”
    Open Secrets

    James Baldwin “Sonny’s Blues”
    Going to Meet the Man

    Ann Beattie “A Vintage Thunderbird”
    Secrets & Surprises

    Adam Haslett “Notes to My Biographer”
    You Are Not a Stranger Here

    Alice Adams “Roses, Rhododendron”

    Richard Yates “Out with the Old”
    The Collected Stories of Richard Yates

    Charles D’Ambrosio “The Point”

    Rick Bass “The Hermit’s Story”

    Robert Bolano “Last Evenings on Earth”

    Kelly Link “Pretty Monsters”

    Jill McCorkle “PS”

    Meghan Deans “Oh You Have Got to be Kidding Me”

    Thom Jones “Cold Snap”

    Lydia Davis “Kafka Cooks Dinner”
    The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis

    Chris Adrian “Stab”
    The Better Angel

    Raymond Carver “Where I’m Calling From”

    Miranda July “Something That Needs Nothing”
    No One Belongs Here More Than You

    Mona Simpson “Lawns”

    Haruki Murakami “A ‘Poor Aunt’ Story”
    Samuel Delaney “The Star Pit”

    Karen Russel “Haunting Olivia”


    Margaret Atwood Cat’s Eye & Alias Grace

    Salman Rushdie The Satanic Verses

    Garth Nix Sabriel

    Jane Gardam Old Filth

    Cesar Aira Ghosts

    Richard Yates Revolutionary Road

    Joshua Allen Chokeville

    Virginia Woolf Mrs. Dalloway

    David Mitchell The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet

    Samuel Beckett Molloy

    Jean Rhys Good Morning, Midnight

    John Fowles The Magus

    William Faulkner As I lay Dying

    Chang-Rae Lee Native Speaker

    Jamie O’Neil At Swim, Two Boys

    Herman Melville Moby Dick

  2. “Writing is okay but what I’d really love to do is love. ”

    I feel like you’ve written this line many times in your blogs over the years. It still resonates strongly to me though.

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