Shit I like to read, recognize.

Here are some of my favorite short stories of all time. I’ve included mostly no real classics, either cuz I’m trying to be edgy, I have unrefined tastes, or both. James Joyce’s The Dead isn’t on this list, for example, because I don’t understand it, and I’m embarrassed, so I take it out on the Irish people. It’s a throwback thing, like vintage clothes, but with racism. These stories are great. Read them.

Reunion, by John Cheever
The Nose, by Nikolai Gogol
Bee Beard, by Ryan Boudinot
Escapes, by Joy Williams
Communist, by Richard Ford
Last Night, by James Salter
Blue Boy, by Kevin Canty
Tattooizm, by Kevin Moffett
A & P, by John Updike
Bartleby the Scrivener, by Herman Melville

Some Collections:

Jesus Son, by Denis Johnson
Bad Behavior, by Mary Gaitskill
Nine Stories, by J.D. Salinger
Where I’m Calling From, by Raymond Carver
An Amateur’s Guide to the Night, by Mary Robison

I’m also really into The Challenge: Cutthroat, on

4 thoughts on “Shit I like to read, recognize.

  1. Embarrassed I don’t understand Bartleby, but in total agreement with Cheever and Salter, among others.

    I tried to kill my cancer-sick wife and sleep with the gardener too, lo-and-behold it didn’t work… she woke up.

    No “Pretty Judy” ?

  2. you start pointing out shit I left out of the list, we’ll be here all night. Your suggestions are welcome, however.

    Pretty Judy, by Kevin Canty everybody. rent it today.

  3. Consult your MLA stylebook, Molly. The names of short stories, like songs and poems, should be in quotation marks. Italics are reserved for “complete” works, like books, movies, and albums.

  4. I don’t require MLA formatting on anything but the personal academic argument paper. that extends to my own life.

    but you’re right, I should probably update the website already. I’m sick of those stories.

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