tv and friendship.

Oh my god, somebody, put a bullet in my brain. I am a dying star. Waterford, Michigan is killing me.

There are ways to tell whether or not you’re happy. Like if you wake up well after noon every day, and yet you want to go to bed at 8 pm, you might be unhappy. If you start lusting for the coffee you’re going to get to drink tomorrow immediately after your last cup of coffee today, it could be your life has little meaning.

What are the effects of cable television? Here’s some tweets I’ve been writing lately about cable television:

  • “My 600 lb Life” is the saddest show I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe she’s married and I’m not.
  • Quick and the Dead on TV. Sharon Stone is very pretty!
  • Seriously, though. The Quick and the Dead is a terrible, terrible film.
  • fat shredder. big arm blast. explosive chest. ripped abs.
  • I wish I’d taken a diabetes medication called Actos that gave me bladder cancer, cuz then I’d be entitled to a settlement, maybe.
  • wish I’d received an infuse bone graft on my spinal chord that gave me cancer, cuz then I’d be entitled to a settlement, maybe.
  • oh man. if only I’d experienced liver failure as a result of taking acetaminophen… cash settlement.
  • The Golden Child is a totally good movie.
  • every day is a 5 hour energy day if you made all the wrong choices.
  • I wanna fuck the guy in the tv ad trying to sell me the big schticky and the little schticky cuz ppl tend to shut up when they’re fucking.

There’s more where that came from, guys.

I haven’t been able to write anything good lately. I try, but it’s not good. I was thinking I might want to write a 5 paragraph essay on the importance of friendship, with a funnel paragraph introduction. The introduction would go something like this:

In today's society, there are people all over the world. People can choose to be friends, enemies, or some other thing in between, like indifferent to or not know each other. Friends are good to have because you can talk about your feelings, help each other with problems and do fun things together that you both enjoy doing. Therefore, it's important to have friends in order to be happy and fulfilled as a person in today's society in the world.

Then from there I’d have three paragraphs that had three different reasons why friends were good, and then a conclusion that said the same thing as the introduction in a different way and order.

I’m wondering now if maybe I hit my head on something earlier, and the blow was so severe that I can’t remember the injury. How would I know if that happened? I wouldn’t ever know because I wouldn’t be able to remember it. I haven’t slept in awhile so this might be a sleep thing, also. I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.

4 thoughts on “tv and friendship.

  1. The “No-Meat Manifesto” was totally awesome. So I don’t think it’s accurate when you say “I haven’t been able to write anything good lately.”

    Just trying to keep you honest.

  2. I love the last paragraph. I’d keep reaching up to touch my head and forget and wonder where the blood on my hands came from and forget.

    I’m sorry stuff sucks. I’m sorry you can’t write. Sometimes I feel that there’s something I want to draw that’s trying to claw it’s way out of me and something else choking it back and I’m about ready to hack it out of my chest with a knife (not literally but that’s what it feels like) and it would be a relief.

    You are my hero, you know.

  3. Friends take time. I prefer to keep myself really busy so I will not feel anything. Therefore I will not need friends. If I had time for a friend, I would want you to be one. I will now excise the word “want” from my vocabulary; I will never be disappointed.

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