About Molly

Hi, my name’s Molly. I’m a witch!

This website is about me and my writing. I was born April 23rd, 1982 in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I went to Missoula and got an MFA in fiction at the University of Montana in 2011. It was really fun. In January of 2013 I moved to Seattle for no reason I can remember.

I sometimes write stuff for a free weekly called the Missoula Independent. I mostly like to write film reviews, book reviews, interviews, personal essays and stories. You can find all that shit here.

Right now I’m working on a collection of personal essays or a novel or something.

I love animals, movies, yoga, the occult, the internet, reading, writing and pretty much nothing else.

My brother does awesome tattoos. Here are birds. Here’s an elephant. Here’s another bird.

You can email me at mollylaich at gmail dot com
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Or look at pictures of half my face on Instagram with horses

Thanks for visiting my weird website.